Occupied (part two)

Another thing that’s interesting (or probably boring, but interesting to me) is that the movement has aquired the praise of both hacktivist group Anonymous and the Elders of Civil Rights (which apparently is a total thing). The Elders are calling OWS a pivotal point in civil rights history, and Anonymous has pledged their support and protection to members of OWS.

To that end, Anonymous has taken to doxing members of the NYPD who are involved in brutality cases (or, more accurately put, alleged to be involved). Doxing, for those who are unaware, is the process of locating personal info on a target (name, phone, address, family info, work info, etc.) and post it to a public location, such as an Internet forum. From there, anyone and everyone can harass the target, doing anything from prank calls or threats to graffiti and picketing. Opponents of Anonymous renounce the activity as cowardice, while Anonymous sees it as simply gathering information that is already publicly available. My take? Sure it’s underhanded, but you can bet that the first thing the police do after arresting a protester is get all their information, to later be posted in newspapers. Sure, Anonymous does it with ill intent, but they’re not doing anything specifically illegal, and the responsibility lies less with Anonymous and more with the people who abuse that information. Gun manufacturers certainly get away with that claim, so why don’t protesters?

Another thing I find rather odd is the Tea Party’s reaction to the Occupy movement. The Tea Party hates the Occupy Wall Street movement. Now, I understand that one is more liberal and the other is more conservative. I get that, I do. But what they both are is grassroots movements intent on not being controlled by the government. They have differing goals on how to achieve it, and differing plans for their end goals, but the path between is the exact same, and it really wouldn’t hurt their causes at all if more than 2% of Americans voted Libertarian. So why don’t they join forces?

One of the reasons TP is pissed at OWS is a simple one– envy. For the past three years the Tea Party has been all over the media, heralded both as a movement by the people for the people, and as certifiably insane. Now, all of the sudden, their limelight is gone. So their pissed. Let’s face it, the Tea Party is, for the most part, nonexistent. Sure, they’ve had some effect on the Republican primaries, but if a conservative takes the White House next year, he’s going to be Republican, not Tea Party.

I don’t really like the Tea Party.

In the camps themselves, things seem to be going well. There have been issues, of course, with the owners of the land being “occupied” not necessarily approving of the fifty plus squatters that moved in overnight. However, it seems like many towns don’t mind giving the protesters room to stay, so long as the protesting is non-disruptive. Now I’m sure part of this is a legal move, that is, to what extent can a city boot protesters out of parks before it becomes a free speech issue. Also, I’m willing to bet part of it is political. Fact is, the occupiers are going to try to stay regardless of what authority figures say. So long as they’re not being disruptive, allowing them to stay is an olive branch of sorts, and makes the authority figure appear humane and caring. Now that’s not to say that government figures aren’t humane and caring, or that none of the gifts being granted to OWS are out of goodwill, because I certainly can’t make that claim, and would love nothing more than for such things to be true. But this is politics, so you have to take ulterior motives into consideration.

A recent trend in occupying, at least here in Iowa, is occupying campaign offices, until the police eventually drag you out. Although there are usually only a few occupiers per instance, it’s happened quite a few times in the past weeks. Gotta say, I disagree with this tactic. Not necessarily because I like the current choices for president, but because the OWS movement, by protesting every candidate, is getting nothing done. They’ve become the Tea Party after all. Continuously complaining, but not willing to fix the problems they’re identifying. Anyone can yell “hey, this thing is broke”, but few are willing to say “hey, I’ll fix it.”
It’s much easier to complain that things suck than it is to make them suck less.

Alright, done ranting for now I think. There’s more sh*t to talk about anyways, so I’m done with this topic for now. Stay tuned for Druidry, wormholes, and a clip from Doctor Who. Later.


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