Happy New Year

So… New Years. Yep. Feel like I should write something to mark the occasion, but between the music and watching other people dance while being to hipster to do so myself, I’m having trouble focusing. So this will be a messy, sloppy, disorganized, riotous blog post at best. Befitting of New Years I suppose.

2011 has been quite a year. Stuff has happened, junk has changed, and other shit. Can’t remember what, but I think some of it might have been important. Things have changed for me alot this year, I think. It’s weird, but every year I age, the less impact I feel the year has on me. Like, when I was five, 1996 was one fifth of my life. 2011 is only one twentieth. Weird thing about aging, days get longer and years get shorter. Hmm.

Looking back, I said goodbye to a good friend (moved, not dead), saw my roommate situation change multiple times, saw a good friend get married (same not-dead friend), switched to full time, started multiple stories (ready for the plug? Here it is), killed a laptop, won an iPad, bought a computer, dated, broke up, paintballed, met new people and disconnected from old ones, and slept alot more than I care to mention (although I suppose technically that is mentioning it). Quite a full year. I’m sure there’s more, I’ll have to look back at old Facebook posts to find out. I’d encourage others to do the same. Or don’t. Whatever.

Looking forward, I’m returning to school this year. I also found out a way I could save a ton of time and money on college. So w00t there. Gonna try to be careful with my money this year, I’ve been getting good about it lately. Gonna try to get out more, hopefully date more, maybe just make more friends, maybe just get closer to the ones I’ve got. I turn 21 next year, that’s apparently a big deal to someone somewhere. Thinking about going to Vegas, riding the roller coaster that tours the strip. See some shows, play some fruit machines (that’s British for slot machine, I learned today). I read in a book how to find the loose slots, so we’ll see if that actually works. Gonna try to go to the gym, I’ve been paying for it for the past year, but apparently you have to show up too… Gonna try to set a fitness goal of some kind so that I actually show up. Haven’t decided quite how that’s gonna work… Gonna try to record a song too, something symphonic rocky. We’ll see.

So, comment. What was your favorite part of last year, what will be your favorite part of this year?

Also, on December 22nd, 2012, the alleged end of the world, I’ll be jamming to Calamity Song by the Decemberists, I invite you to join me.

Peace, and happy new year.


About J. K. Gray

A romantic, a thinker, a lover, and a blogger.
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One Response to Happy New Year

  1. Zeke says:

    I’ll join you for the apocalypse! although, I probably won’t look back at past facebook posts… maybe sometime, but right now I feel like looking to the future instead of the past 😛

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