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Encoding the Abstract (Part One)

 So I got to thinking today, about the way we look at the world. As the world has gotten more scientific, especially with the advent of computers, there has been a trend towards encoding information into data, that is, into … Continue reading

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A Treatise on the Legalization of Marijuana

     So, as you may be aware, today is 4/20. I’m hoping most all of you were aware of that. What you may also be aware of, is that 4/20 is the officially recognized “Day To Get High” by … Continue reading

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The Future of Music

Music. It makes the people come together, if Madonna is to be believed. So I’ve been thinking about music lately, more precisely, where music is right now, and where it’s headed. I’ve thought, over the past few years, about what … Continue reading

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Wormholes. God where do I begin on wormholes? Oh wait, right here. Okay, so a wormhole is a small hole-like thingy in the time-space continuum. Like, really tiny. Like, inside atoms tiny. But the weird thing about these tiny hole-thingies … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

So… New Years. Yep. Feel like I should write something to mark the occasion, but between the music and watching other people dance while being to hipster to do so myself, I’m having trouble focusing. So this will be a … Continue reading

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Occupied (part two)

Another thing that’s interesting (or probably boring, but interesting to me) is that the movement has aquired the praise of both hacktivist group Anonymous and the Elders of Civil Rights (which apparently is a total thing). The Elders are calling … Continue reading

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Occupied (part one)

Sorry for the lack of new content on what is supposed to be a fairly consistent and timely blog… Also sorry for formatting errors and other such slop, updating from my iPad. Here goes. If you’ve been watching the news … Continue reading

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