Alright, first of all, I’d like to say welcome to my new project. This is going to be a blog of sorts, but unlike my previous projects, this one will (try) to be more topical. Political and religious articles, basically my spin on news stories, especially those which catch my interest but go unnoticed in the public eye (read: hacker stories). So welcome, newcomers, and welcome back, those who already know me. Thanks for coming back, I wouldn’t have.

A little bit about myself for those who don’t know who I am… My name’s Jordan, male, human, 20 years old, living in the midwest, in a middle-sized town, I guess you’d call it. It’s on two interstates, and a college town, so it’s decent sized. One high school, 15,000 citizens, not a non-white race that makes up more than one percent of the population, for whatever that’s worth. College dropout, working on fixing that. Currently a “sandwich artist”, although I consider myself more of a sandwich scientist.

I’m starting this blog with a different goal than my others, as I said before. Most of my previous blogging projects were either personal journals, or vehicles for my creative writing. This one is going to be more scientifically minded, or at least more about examining things that already exist, rather than making up new exciting imaginary things.

What you can expect:

  • News stories, and my take on them

  • Interesting facts or thoughts

  • A look at the current political climate, especially when something changes in it

  • A look at religion, hopefully an unbiased and secular look, but…

  • My opinion

  • Other people’s opinions (I hope to reel in some others to write bits for this)

  • Thought and discussion

  • A healthy dose of skepticism

  • …And imagination

  • …And randomness

  • …And Doctor Who, time allowing

Things you shouldn’t expect:

  • An opinion that precisely matches your own

  • What celebrities are doing

  • Gratuitous violence

  • The unexpected (a tautology, really)

  • Opinions stated as absolute fact (I hope to put obvious headers over my opinions, maybe even do them in a different color. I also hope to cite my sources whenever available. I encourage you to look up anything you doubt about anything I state as fact, and call me out on it. There are too many people who fear being wrong to the point where they won’t hear arguments. I’m looking at you, Tea Party.)

Now that that misery is over, I’d like to say again, welcome. Hopefully this thing ends up being more than this one post.

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